A digital first, consumer product business spun out from Chelsea FC

Inspiring Innovation

Combining Chelsea FC expertise in health, fitness, sports science and nutrition with our own leading digital and consumer product talents. We design products that solve consumer problems, disrupt markets and appeal to consumers and partners way beyond football.

Unique Relationships

Our unique relationship with Chelsea FC means we can unlock new value in their expertise and intellectual property, provide greater flexibility for partner collaborations and take on new consumer challenges.

Our Products

We create, develop and operate innovative technology-led product start-ups in fields associated with elite sports. Each of our products take an accelerated route from concept through build and production to launch and onto future growth. First to launch are Blue Fuel and Perfect Play.

Blue Fuel is a personalised expert sports nutrition service based around athlete’s individual needs. Delivered via specially-designed sport supplement products, performance recipes and meal plans, and an intuitive user-friendly app.

Information about Blue Fuel and its products can be found at:


Perfect Play is the most advanced football training app available. Developed with and used by the Chelsea FC Academy, for the first time, every footballer can experience elite academy coaching. Innovative player tracking technology enables your phone to track your progress and help you develop your skills over time, alongside real-time feedback and analysis which help you master your game and leave the competition behind.


C-Score is a clinically validated tool that provides a holistic way for users to measure and monitor their general health.

By pushing the technological capabilities of a smartphone, users can measure their resting heart rate, reaction time and more across 7 easy to change lifestyle factors.

Once users have completed each domain – which should take no more than 10 minutes - they are provided with a points-based measure, or ‘C-Score’ (a number between 0-100) which will reflect their general health. The higher the C-Score, the better.


We look forward to announcing new innovative brands and products that tap into consumer needs across health, sport and nutrition.

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